Java Rewrite and the Jump Operator

Rewriting the automaton in Java and extending it with a Jump operator.

June 16, 2013 - 2 minute read -
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This is also a very very old post. It’s mostly here on this blog for personal reasons and entertainment puroses.

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I have been spending the weekend rewriting the automaton in Java and watching Beavis and Butthead. I must say that MTV was fucking awesome back in the day. Seriously Nitzer Ebb, The Cult, WALL OF VOODO! and tons of other great bands and nowadays the only thing they show is fucking snookie. Well back to the geeking.

The JUMP operator

Apart from the rewrite I have made some minor changes. I have changed the names of the "take left" and "take right" operators to "Clone Left" & "Clone Right" which makes much more sense as cloning whats on the left is actually what the operators do. I have also implemented the Jump operator. The Jump operator is very special since it requires a Target to be defined for each Jump . Each row of the maze can only contain one Jump operator and any operators to the right of the Jump operator will not be evaluated in my Java implementation. The Jump operator will only issue a jump to its specific target if the symbol directly above it is a 1 otherwise the jump operator will be equivalent with the Drop operator. Its wise to only put one Jump operator on each row of the maze and no other operators.

The Java implementation is pretty straight forward. You can find the code here and just compile the Automaton.Java file. Oh and you might want to have a ANSI capable terminal.

The next update will be about the system for creating a addressable memory arbitrary word size I figured out and hopefully some form of assembler for the system. I have to read up on regular expressions in Java.